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May’s Hawaii History

In the late 1960s, the May’s brand was established, named after Palama Meat Founder Donald Lau’s wife. In the early 1970s, May’s introduced its first retail product, the Picnic Patty. Based upon an existing formula for school patties, the Picnic Patty was packed in a plastic patty bag for convenience and cost savings.

About the same time, Palama introduced Teriyaki Patties, Teriyaki Chicken, and Teriyaki Beef to the retail market. For over 40 years, these products had defined and set the standard for teriyaki flavoring. Even today, these closely guarded secret formulae set the standard for excellence in quality and taste.

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May’s can be found throughout the State of Hawaii and in select West Coast cities. For a rich flavor steeped in history, we invite you to re-taste May’s today. Where ever you are, it will bring you back home to Hawaii.

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May’s products can be found in Hawaii and on the Mainland.  Contact us for the most up to date list of locations.

May’s Hawaii Kalua Pork Wraps
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
10 mins
Total Time
20 mins

May’s Hawaii Kalua Pork Wraps are an exceptionally easy way to enhance any meal or snack time with a tasty and unique twist on the traditional wrap.

Servings: 4
  • 24 oz May's Hawaii Kalua Pork, thawed
  • 4 pieces Tortilla, 12 Inch
  • 16 oz Cheddar Cheese, shredded
  • 1 Avocado, Sliced
  • 1 head Green Leaf Lettuce
  • 0.25 cup cup Ranch Salad Dressing
  1. Remove May's Hawaii Kalua Pork from package and warm in either frying pan or microwave oven.

  2. Lay tortilla flat, and layer with lettuce, avocado, cheese, May's Hawaii Kalua Pork, and ranch dressing. Wrap and serve.